About Us

Who is Heath Koch?

“A Marathon Running, Tequila Drinking, 90s Hip-Hop Loving, Wannabe Graffiti Artist Who Is Also Vegan...(Sometimes). Above All Else, I Am A Proud Mother Of 3 And Loving Widow To 1.”

Heath graduated from Yale University and received her MBA from Columbia Business School. She is on the Board of Directors for B*CURED and the Board of Advisors for Camp Kesem’s Yale Chapter. 

How did the Myrch brand come about?

When my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, I became more aware of nonprofits in the cancer space and recognized how far behind many of those great causes were in terms of branding. I thought to myself, ‘Why can’t you help find a cure to cancer while also looking great?’ These great organizations have a variety of merchandising needs, but ultimately spend most of their energy obtaining apparel for a specific event instead of developing a cohesive branding and merchandising strategy. A desire to bridge this gap inspired me to create the Myrch brand.

What do you hope to accomplish with the creation of the Myrch brand?

I want to use my fifteen plus years leading teams in E-commerce, Merchandising and Planning to bring high quality, fashion forward merchandise at a fair price to every great cause out there fighting this difficult fight. As a person who has been personally experienced the journey of supporting a loved one through their battle with cancer and dealing with the grief of their loss, I want to have a positive effect on the lives of everyone affected by this ongoing battle. I believe Myrch will help organizations achieve their branding and merchandising goals by developing an authentic and meaningful strategy through collaboration that will connect people with the cause.